Our Vision Statement

  • By all means possible, bring God’s abundant life of love, healing, forgiveness and freedom to those involved in addictions, crime and related issues.
  • Apply the highest standards of excellence to the care of every individual that seeks help.
  • In partnership with the local church and other agencies, aim to offer the most successful and lasting rehabilitation available in Jersey.


  • Work with individuals with respect and without prejudice no matter what their past has been.
  • Never see anyone as beyond help.
  • Look at impossibilities as the opportunity for a miracle.
  • Provide quality training and support for our staff and volunteers.
  • Be an agent of positive change for our Island community by addressing issues related to crime and addictions, thus assisting in crime reduction and helping people become contributing members of society.


Kevin Houiellebecq is the founder of Living Hope (formerly Freedom For Life Ministries). Kevin has spent most of his life working with people who would be considered on the margins of society:

  • Children from deprived cities in America.
  • Street kids in Singapore.
  • In a UK drug rehabilitation centre and young offenders secure unit.
  • As a 'Behavioural Support Officer' in a comprehensive school, as well as other paid and voluntary positions in local government and charities.

After having trained and qualified as a Social Worker, Kevin returned to his home in Jersey and was employed as a Probation Officer by the Jersey Probation and Aftercare Service. He greatly enjoyed this work.

A number of those he met genuinely seemed to be looking for a way to break out of their cycle of crime and addiction, yet frustratingly he often saw many of them return over and over again. As a Christian, Kevin knew there must be another way of helping them.

The Dream

Towards his last year as a Probation Officer, Kevin started having a recurring dream. The dream was of some of his probation clients coming to him many years later, and pounding him on the chest with tears in their eyes saying...
“Why, why, why, didn’t you tell me there was another way?”

As a result of this dream, Kevin knew he had to find a way to explain that freedom could be found for their lives today, and that their past did not have to define their future.

Kevin’s desire was to establish a way of supporting people in a holistic way – physically, emotionally and spiritually. He took the step to leave the Probation Service and after about one year of planning and preparation, his ministry was established.

The work has now grown significantly and proves both very challenging but equally exciting. It is of immense joy to see people putting their past criminal lifestyle behind them and moving into a brand new future!

All things are possible. Everyone matters. No one is beyond help.